About us

Marine Ecological Surveys Ltd was established in 1975 with the express aim of providing authoritative scientific advice on the impacts of major industrial and construction developments in the marine environment.

Since that time our business has developed to meet the diverse needs of our clients in the face of increasing legislative pressures of working in the marine environment. In 2007 MESL benefitted from becoming part of The Gardline Group, a multi-disciplinary organisation involved in satellite communications, security, ship building, dry dock engineering, digital mapping and vessel charters.

MESL has specialist expertise in the design and implementation of monitoring programmes, the provision of EIAs and Environmental Statements, and primary research.  With our in-house laboratories and expert staff MESL are renowned for conducting benthic, epibenthic and fisheries studies in a range of marine habitats. Our expertise also includes spatial analysis and mapping using GIS and the latest 4-D visualisation technologies.  We routinely prepare high quality fully interactive electronic reports to meet the needs of our clients.

Our reputation has been established through the provision of professional consultancy services to a range of clients in the private and public sectors. Our client base includes prestigious companies from a number of different  industries including aggregates, chemicals, leisure and tourism, port and harbour development and energy provision. We also provide technical and marine policy advice to government departments and agencies such as Defra, Cefas, Natural England and the JNCC.

MESL works at the cutting edge of the marine consultancy sector, applying the knowledge we develop through the provision of authoritative advice and consultancy services; A key factor in differentiating MESL from our competitors. This enables us to respond rapidly and effectively to the changing needs of our clients. We have a rich tradition of conducting scientifically based commercial and academic research, often in collaboration with other organisations. We take pride in being at the forefront of the marine ecology industry and maintain strong links with our clients, industry regulators, universities and agencies.

MESL endeavour to deliver outstanding quality services in all aspects of its enterprise, with health, safety and environmental protection of principal importance.

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