International Experience

MESL has a long track record of working successfully in the UK and overseas. During the course of our history MESL has worked on marine environmental monitoring projects in countries such as Malaysia and Australia and on leisure developments in the Caribbean and beyond. Further, we have assisted Government agencies such as the Marine Minerals Agency in the USA with the development of knowledge which has been used to establish frameworks for monitoring marine industrial projects, using the depth of knowledge that we have previously established in this field within the UK.

In addition to the project experience identified above, MESL is developing an expanding portfolio of experience in shallow and deep water environments the world over, applying our industry leading skills in the analysis of benthic fauna, survey design, data analysis, report and GIS, drawing upon our connections to the internationally renowned Gardline Group and working on projects from the Artic, around the waters of Norway and the British Isles to the Mediterranean, the coasts of Africa and beyond. We are also actively seeking opportunities to further develop our portfolio of experience through offering our industry leading skills in the provision of consultancy and strategic advisory services to both industrial developers and Government agencies.

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