Marine Ecological Surveys Limited and Wessex Archaeology

Marine Ecological Surveys Limited and Wessex Archaeology have collaborated their services to provide professional ecological dive surveys to a wide range of industries and cliental. 

Wessex Archaeology are a recognised commercial diving contractor providing diving services to a wide range of clients  since 2003 and members of the Association of Diving Contractors.  

Both companies have a wealth of experience working with an array of marine industries to include marine aggregates, the marine and maritime heritage sector, the offshore renewables industry, the ports and harbour sector and a broad range of Government departments and organisations

Combined Services

Together MESL and Wessex Archaeology can provide skilfully designed and executed ecological dive surveys together with high quality analytical and reporting outputs to meet a wide range of client requirements.

MESL’s wealth of knowledge in survey design and well qualified ecological divers combined with the commercial diving experience from Wessex Archaeology means that we are well placed to deliver industry-leading ecological dive surveys.

Our divers use the latest equipment and techniques including diver tracking and voice coms, and can collect high quality stills and video imagery.  We have access to suitable dive vessels and deliver unrivalled HSE standards. 

We are proud to provide the highest quality services with a strong client focus in mind to these industries and, as a result, we have established a superb reputation across the world of marine science.

Our focus is to deliver outstanding quality services in all aspects of our enterprise, with health, safety and environmental protection of principal importance.

We have the capability to offer a diverse range of ecological diving packages that can be tailored to specific projects. Our expertise in delivering ecological consultancy services to a wide range of industries ensures our understanding of desired project outcomes, to design a survey that is scientifically accurate and relevant to client request. 

MESL are part of The Gardline Group of companies and therefore have the ability to offer a ‘one stop shop’ for all services including diving, environmental, geophysical, geotechnical and consultancy enabling our clients to capitalise on synergies arising across all areas.   


Design and Implementation  

Detailed client consultation will initially take place to ensure survey designs are fit for purpose providing accurate and relevant project deliverables.  We are also experienced in regulatory consultation providing advice and gaining approval for many different types of marine development.  

Surveys may be designed to collect data along transects or within quadrats that have been placed to map out the survey area.  Qualitative data will be collected by divers making in-situ observations recording all visible mega fauna within the designated area.  Simultaneously another diver will operate a hand held video to produce quality images and video of the seabed for quantitative analysis.   

Using this method important habitats such as seagrass beds, maerl beds, rocky reefs, Sabellaria spinulosa reefs, mussel and cockle beds can be accurately mapped out using a non-invasive method.  Data may be used to provide an Environmental Baseline for future monitoring or a Habitat Assessment for the designation of Marine Protected Areas and Marine Conservation Zones.  

Data Analysis and Reporting  

Our professionally trained marine biologists and benthic ecologists are experts in surveying subtidal habitats. 

We are experienced in ecological data analysis and can produce high quality scientific reports.  Reports can include:

  • Statistical analysis and interpretation of seabed imagery
  • Interpretation and correlation of visual and geophysical data
  • 3D modelling and Photogrammetry
  • Biotope classification using EUNIS and the Marine Habitat Classification for Britain and Ireland (JNCC)
  • Advice to government, industry and stakeholders on conservation status and vulnerability to impacts 
  • GIS mapping and production of fully illustrated and interactive electronic reports- expertise with both MapInfo and ArcGIS


International Experience

MESL has over 35 years experience working at an extensive number of sites Internationally. The unique blend of skills and expertise presented allows us to be able to offer 360 degree  offshore services covering:

  • Ecological Diving Surveys
  • Benthic and Epibenthic Surveys
  • Biotope Mapping 
  • Provision of full Technical Reports
  • Marine License Acquisition and Administration
  • Consultancy and Strategic Advice 

“MESL has consistently delivered outputs on time (if not ahead of schedule) and well within budget.  In fact their efficiency has resulted in a number of substantial cost savings for ERM and our client. Overall they have been a pleasure to work with and are an invaluable part of the project team.” 

Environmental Resources Management Ltd. 

Ecological Diving Services

Find out more about our ecological diving services from our partners at Wessex Archaeology:

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