MESL Celebrates Processing it's 50,000th Sample!

12th November 2017

MESL Celebrates Processing it's 50,000th Sample!

This September, the MESL lab team celebrated the momentous occasion of processing their 50,000th sample. This huge milestone in the history of the company was marked in the best way we knew how – with marine themed cakes! The cakes were provided by a local and very talented cake maker in Bath and featured an array of sea shells, sea horses, fish, annelids and starfish. While it may have taken us a few years to process 50,000 samples, it didn’t take us very long to get through the cakes!

Being from Senegalese waters, the 50,000th sample itself was an exciting one to process. Within the sample, we found an interesting mixture of fauna including a wide array of molluscs, crustaceans and annelids.

It’s hard to visualise the sheer volumes of sediment which have been carefully sieved or the number of annelids that have been meticulously identified by our lab team over the last 50,000 samples but we are certainly excited about what we will find within the next 50,000

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